Iraqi police confirmed that one serviceman was killed and seven more were injured in clashes between law enforcement officers and protesters in the country’s capital of Baghdad.




“The security forces tried to ensure the security of protesters, but several of them initiated clashes with law enforcement officers that resulted in injuries of seven police officers and in the death of another,” the press service of Baghdad’s police said in the statement.


The statement added that police officers had confiscated cut-and-thrust weapons and firearms from protesters.


The Sky News Arabia broadcaster reported citing own sources that supporters of Iraqi Shiite cleric Moqtada Sadr took to the streets calling for election reforms and anti-corruption measures. According to media reports, Sadr has already called on his supporters to calm down and has criticized the excessive use of force.



Police clashed with the demonstrators and fired tear gas in order to prevent them from entering the district with government buildings, the broadcaster added.




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