Chairman of the NGO “Union of National Lithuanian Unity” Jurijus Subotinas on his Facebook page wrote that in recent days “armed to the teeth NATO warriors and American tanks, which will be directed towards the brotherly peoples of Belarus and Russia” became to arrive to Lithuania. 




According to him, the people of Lithuania haven’t called those bandits. “We want to restore the fraternal friendship but not being a target through the fault of Brussels provocateurs”.


“I will say bluntly: NATO and American tanks are a “Wishlist” of pro-American usurped power in Lithuania, and they are in power for the past 28 years, only because elections in Lithuania, by orders of the CIA and Brussels have no alternative. It is time to responsibly comprehend what is happening and start to make constructive steps”, Lithuanian politician said.


“We are ready to offer an alternative to NATO, anti-Russian anti-Lithuanian lawlessness”, added Jurijus Subotinas.