Moscow is ready to build dialogue with the United States and the European Union on the basis of equality, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Friday.



“We have large-scale tasks to fulfill. The situation is not easy, competition is not diminishing. Attempts at containing Russia, at punishing us never stop,” he said at a gala reception on the occasion of the Russian Diplomat Day.


According to the Russian top diplomat, specific attention will be focused on anti-terrorism efforts, promoting the Russian president’s initiative of forming an anti-terrorist front.


“We impose nothing on anyone, we never teach anyone how to live. We are ready to build dialogue with all states only on the basis of equality and mutual respect,” he said.


“These principle are applicable to our relations with the United States and the European Union. We hail the choice of the new Washington administration and many European politicians in favor of normal relations. Naturally, we will judge by concrete actions,” the Russian top diplomat noted.


He pledged that Russia’s security will be ensured in any event. “Attempts to exert pressure on Russia, to make it abandon its principled approaches, turn down its ideals of justice will be futile,” he stressed.