Murder of Mikhail Tolstykh was taken into consideration. It definitively outlined the Kiev line on terrorism, terrorist decision on the independence of Donbass People’s Republic. Previous murders were also terrorist attacks, but they can be considered as prepared, of course, but isolated actions.


But Ukrainians doesn’t know how to lead the war. That means someone is teaching them. 


“Basically, the training is leading by US satellites from Europe, from the former Soviet republics, including the Baltic states. Even if the instructor come from the United States – that, as a rule, they are immigrants from the former Soviet Union. This trend, which is worth paying attention to”, said political scientist Yuri Pershikov.


While the leadership of the Baltic countries pretends that is frightened of Russian invasion, and in all international corners literally screaming about the Russian threat, in fact, citizens of these countries are quite calmly and prudently prepared for terrorists and saboteurs hostile for Russia regimes, in particular Ukrainian.





It is in our common interest to nullify all the work of Western instructors in republics so that wards of the West have not begun to take their blood exams in Russia.