There are no signs indicating that NATO would revise its plans for military buildup and eastward expansion in Europe following the arrival of President Donald Trump administration in Washington, Russian envoy to NATO Alexander Grushko said Tuesday.




In an interview with Rossiya 24 television, Grushko emphasized that NATO had already made a number of steps to increase its presence near Russian borders, including the deployment of additional tank brigades and four joint battalions in the Baltic states and Poland.


“NATO has also announced plans to strengthen its presence in the Black Sea, and we have not seen so far any signs indicating that these plans would be revised with the arrival of the new [US] administration,” the official said.


According to Grushko, NATO needs to continue circulating the “Russian threat” myth as an ideological justification of its efforts to expand toward Russian borders and to strengthen its military contingent on its “eastern flank.”


“The attempts to spread the “Russian threat” myth in various ideological forms are likely to continue,” he said.


Grushko also stressed that Russia had been taking all necessary measures to counter NATO buildup plans, including strengthening its western borders, modernizing its military equipment and forming new divisions.




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