Miodrag Zarkovic, a journalist and director, who had been in Donbass as an international observer, gave an interview in the «Front Line» program in the Serbian language; the hostess is Vesna Veizovic. 



The director Miodrag Zarkovic confirmed that the fighting in Donbass had never stopped. 


‘This is the worsening rather than the resumption of the hostilities, because they last permanently. There are «pockets’, in spite of the ceasefire by the Minsk Agreements, in the Lugansk and, especially, in the Donetsk People’s Republic, where the fighting is non-stop,’ he said. 


The Ukrainian side is the first to open fire on the frontline areas of Donbass, as well as on the DPR and LPR military positions.


‘I know that 99%, if not 100% of cases the first bullet or the first grenade comes from the Ukrainian side,’ said Miodrag Zarkovic. 


The expert added that three years before, the Western forces had staged chaos in Ukraine, provoked an illegal change of power and destroyed the sovereignty.




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