On Friday, a humanitarian corridor was created by the Syrian Army at the Wafideen refugee camp, located in Eastern Ghouta, in order to allow civilians to leave the militant-held areas and move to government-controlled regions, a number of social networks’ activists reported. The corridor was set up under Russian sponsorship and control.




It is the first humanitarian corridor in the region. According to reports, in the very near future, several other humanitarian corridors will be opened in Eastern Ghouta. The area will be divided into four sectors, each of which will have two humanitarian corridors: one – for civilians and another one – for militants.


Also on Friday, Syrian troops continued their attacks on positions of Jaish al-Islam in Hawsh al-Salehiyeh town, recapturing more lands in Eastern Ghouta. The Syrian Army launched an attack on defense lines of terrorists, stationed to the northeast of Hawsh al-Salehiyeh town. As a result, a number of terrorists of Jeish al-Islam and Faylaq al-Rahman were killed and wounded, as well as several farms near the town were seized by Syrian troops.


After a six-hour battle, the Syrian Army also managed to recapture some trenches and checkpoints in the northern flank of Hawsh Al-Salehiyeh. Now, Syrian troops are going to attack Hawsh al-Salehiyeh from two different flanks, simultaneously launching an offensive from the nearby village of Hawsh al-Zriqiyeh.