Angela Merkel has ordered the urgent expansion of Germany’s military amid fears of a double pronged attack from Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.



European Union officials have openly expressed their concern at the “unpredictable” President Trump while Russia is rumoured to be planning a massive cyber attack timed to influence the upcoming German election.


EU Council President Donald Tusk took the unprecedented decision to officially class America as a “threat” after the US leader made negative comments about the brussels bloc.


President Trump bemoaned the Union’s over-bureaucracy and looks set to draw up landmark trade deals with Britain instead of nations on the continent.


Merkel’s desire to improve her country’s self defence comes as Germany faces a constant threat from terror, with Islamic State militants known to have infiltrated the nation in a bid to carry out murderous jihad – like Anis Amri, the 24-year-old Tunisian who killed 12 people when he ploughed a lorry into Berlin’s Christmas market.


But President Trump’s election has threatened to force the supposedly liberal and peaceful EU member states to draw their battle lines.