In a survey conducted by market research company Taloustutkimus for Yle, 66 percent of respondents thought dual citizens should not be allowed to work in positions in the Defence Force or the Foreign Ministry, as well as other tasks related to national security.




Out of a thousand respondents, 23 percent would allow dual citizens to work in defence or foreign policy. 11 percent did not have an explicit opinion.


Men were more opposed to dual citizens working in security-related government roles. 74 percent of men supported barring dual citizens, in contrast to only 58 percent of women.


The survey asked respondents if they saw Finnish-Russian dual citizens working in the Defence Force or Foreign Ministry as a security threat.


Half of the respondents thought it would be a very serious or somewhat serious threat. 18 percent said it would a very serious threat while 32 thought it would be somewhat serious.  


34 percent deemed dual citizens working in public service in defence or foreign policy tasks a minimal threat and eight percent saw no threat at all.




Though dual citizenship remains popular amongst Finns, with the majority of respondents (56 %) supporting it. Just a third thought Finland could revoke the right to multiple citizenships.


Nearly half of respondents would allow dual citizens positions in public office in other fields, whereas a third would bar them altogether from all positions in public office.