Russia’s embassy in Damascus came under mortar shelling on February 2 and 3, no one was hurt but shelling caused material damage, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Friday.


“On February 2 and 3, the Russian diplomatic compound in Syria came under mortar shelling twice. Aimed fire was conducted from the Jobar neighborhood controlled by terrorists,” the ministry said. “One of the mines exploded in the territory of the embassy compound between the office and residential buildings. Another mine went off some 20 meters off the main entryway to the embassy. No one was hurt but the shelling caused material damage.”


“We resolutely condemn these terrorist attacks on the Russian diplomatic mission in Damascus,” the ministry said. “We note that these treacherous attacks on our embassy were committed in conditions of the consolidating ceasefire with an obvious aim of breaking down cessation of hostilities and derailing efforts towards establishing political process.”


“This crime cannot remain unpunished,” the ministry stressed. “Russia’s principled policy of conducting uncompromising struggle against terrorists in Syria will be continued.”


Moscow calls on “international community to duly react to this dangerous terrorist provocation,” the Russian Foreign Ministry stressed. “We categorically demand the United Nations Security Council resolutions be implemented, supplying of terrorists with weapons and finance be stopped. Once again, we urge to consolidate efforts to exterminate the dangerous seat of terrorism personified by Islamic State, Jabhat al-Nusra (outlawed in Russia) and their accomplices in Syria and in the region in whole.”




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