The incident, when the Ukrainian military has shot down the OSCE drone from anti-aircraft complex “Buk”, demonstrates that they are ready to use such weapons at any air targets, says senator Igor Morozov.




“Ukrainian military believed that this drone belongs to the militia. This emphasizes that “Buk M-1” continues to be active in the area of the contact line. And now it won’t be a surprise to the world community that they are able to use it for any airborne targets. Therefore it is necessary to remember about the Malaysian “Boeing”, Morozov said.


He believes that the tragedy of the downed Malaysian “Boeing” is now being investigated in Europe in a subjective way, but in the near future the situation may change.


“The changes that will occur in 2017 in the European establishment, will make a significant contribution to the understanding of what is happening in today’s Ukraine. Carnage in the Donbass would be reviewed”, he said.




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