Most Ukrainians do not trust President Pyotr Poroshenko as well as the country’s government and parliament, the Kiev International Institute of Sociology said in a statement.




“A total of 13.7% of respondents trust Poroshenko while 69% do not,” the statement reads. As many as 82% of those polled said they did not trust the parliament while 72.8% do not trust cabinet members.


At the same time, the pollster says that the distrust of state institutions does not vary much depending on the region respondents report from. Around 70% of residents in central Ukraine do not trust the authorities, in the western parts of the country the distrust rate is 60% while in southeastern Ukraine nearly 80% of people trust neither the president nor the government nor the parliament.


According to the survey’s results, Ukrainians do not trust the national media either. The distrust rate is 76.3% here while only 2.4% of respondents trust the media. More than half of those surveyed said they did not trust the national Police Service and the Security Service.




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