Ukrainian forces are using heavy artillery to shell Donetsk residential areas in a clear violation of the Minsk agreements, the Russian Foreign Ministry has said, adding that Kiev seems to favor a military resolution of the Ukrainian conflict.


The recent escalation in the Ukrainian South East is a “direct consequence of Ukraine [Kiev] breaking its obligations under the Minsk Agreements that Kiev does not intend to fulfill,” a Russian Foreign Ministry statement said, adding “Ukrainian authorities stubbornly strive for the military resolution of the conflict instead of taking efforts to achieve sustainable peace” in the region.


The ministry called on the Ukrainian government “to stop armed provocations in Donbass immediately, to adhere to the existing ceasefire agreements and to proceed with responsible implementation of all provisions” of the Minsk Accords, including political reforms.


The statement also drew attention to the fact that Ukrainian forces are actively using heavy artillery and multiple rocket launchers to shell Donetsk residential areas, “although such weapons should have been long withdrawn from the contact line.” The shelling resulted in casualties among civilians and destruction of several infrastructure facilities, the ministry added.