The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) attacked the army of the Donetsk People’s republic in the area of the Donetsk airport, as well as in the area of Yasinovataya and Avdeevka, said the representative of the DPR Defense Ministry, Eduard Basurin. 


‘This morning, the Ukrainian criminal command launched another provocation in the area of ​​the industrial zone of Avdeevka. The enemy attacked our positions with up to a platoon, which resulted in the DPR People’s Militia units being forced to open respond fire,’ said Eduard Basurin. 


According to him, the attack resulted in nine Ukrainian soldiers killed and another 15 wounded.


In addition, the representative of the DPR Defense Ministry said that during the retreat of the Kiev military units, the DPR intelligence recorded the mortar fire on the AFU units, presumably by the radicals of the «Right Sector» (a terrorist organization prohibited in the Russian Federation and the DPR). 


‘Most likely, the radicals of the organization «Right Sector» carried out, in this case, a barrage fire on their units, in order to prevent their retreat to their original positions,’ said the representative of the DPR Defense Ministry. 


It is also reported that at the moment, the AFU continues shelling the DPR, using mortars and artillery systems.