News Front media outlet launches new information-analytical project “Front Line”.


Our correspondents will sum up the results of the weekly events in different languages.


“News Front is the multilingual web portal and despite the fact that it’s a volunteer project, we’ve managed to gather the team of volunteers who work in Germany, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Spain, Belarus and Latin America. Our agency has complete, thus numerically small, but quite effective editorials on the Russian, German, Serbian, Bulgarian, Spanish and English”, said agency’s head Konstantin Knyrik.


“We see ourselves as a full-fledged example of popular journalism, our volunteers work in those places where no one dares to, many of our correspondents are always in the thick of things, and we believe that our main weapon is the truth”, added Knyrik.


Check our channel:


German «Die Frontlinie»


Serbian «Линија Фронта»


English “Front Line”