“Personally, I do not see anything criminal in the fact that Russia has offered its version of the Constitution for the Syrians. I do not understand those Syrians who passionately yelled why they need offers from others. I do not understand why some Syrians are outraged by the fact that Russia has decided to help them”, said Abbas Juma.


According to him, the proposed Russian variant of the Syrian Constitution is the help to the Syrian people.


“Russia has offered a set of ideas, proposals, to start with something, at least. These proposals are not written by stupid people who study the problems of the Middle East and Syria in particular”, he said.


According to him, the proposal to change the name of the Syrian Arab Republic on a controversial Syrian Republic should be discussed though.


“I have always said that it is not a bad option to create the Kurdish autonomy. I believe that the Kurds have earned the right to stay on their land, speak their language, to hang the Kurdish flag and so on. Thus not to be separated, but to be the part of Syria as broad autonomy, such as in Iraq”, the journalist added.


He also noted that the draft Constitution of Syria, proposed by Russia, is quite common, drawn up in such a way as to exclude the reasons for strife.


“The Syrians will decide whether to accept this proposal or not”, concluded Abbas Juma.


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