UN Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Stephen O’Brien called today for support from the international community to put and end to the conflict in Syria in 2017.




In a session of the Security Council held to tackle the humanitarian situation in Syria, O’Brien reiterated that after almost six years of suffering caused by a ‘brutal and senseless conflict,’ more efforts are needed to end it.


According to O’Brien, the world efforts should focus on four priorities: ensuring that the ongoing ceasefire is durable and allows victims to receive aid, bringing the parties involved to protect civilians and vital infrastructure, and halt the attack on cities and communities.


He said that the fourth key item is the support for UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura in his efforts to find a political solution.


For O’Brien, the last few weeks have revived hopes for the end of the conflict, with the entry into force, on December 30th, of a cease-fire agreement between the Government and armed opposition groups, following an initiative fostered by Russia and Turkey.


According to O’Brien, fewer civilians have been killed or injured since then, and in some parts of the country people receive aid.


O’Brien said that during 2016, the world witnessed levels of devastation and suffering that defy understanding, represented by the killing of innocent people, including many children, the destruction of schools and hospitals and the lack of access to basic issues for human survival, such as food and water.