At least 14 people were killed Wednesday morning and over 50 wounded, including three journalists, when twin car bombs and gunmen targeted a popular hotel near Somalia’s parliament building, police said.




Abdirasak Omar Mohamed, internal security minister, told a news conference at the scene of the attack that at least 10 civilians and four al-Shabaab attackers were killed and 51 wounded when al-Shabaab militants targeted the Dayah Hotel in the capital Mogadishu.


“Our security forces managed to neutralize four al-Shabaab gunmen who stormed the hotel after the bomb blasts,” he said.


“No government official, soldiers, or MPs were killed or injured, but two clan elders from the southwest state are among the victims,” he added.


The attack began with a suicide truck followed by a gun battle. Some 20 minutes after the truck bomb, a second car bomb exploded outside the hotel. The injured were rushed to hospitals.