Well-known journalist and politician from Montenegro, the leader of the movement “Rebuff to hopelessness” Marco Milacic published an open letter to the US senators, who will soon have to decide on the issue of ratification of the Protocol on the accession of Montenegro to NATO. Milacic asks the Senate to vote against this document.




According to the journalist, to vote “for” the protocol senators should only in the case if they want to become members of a criminal organization and violations of democratic bases.


“We, the citizens of Montenegro for decades are hostages of the mafia regime. Montenegro is the last European autocracy”, characterizes Milacic Djukanovic’s power. He refers to the cassation court of Italy, which in 2004 had officially named Djukanovic a “particularly dangerous international criminal”. “Joining NATO is one of the manipulations of the criminal group, a drop in the sea of anti-democratic nature, with which it buys the impunity of foreign forces, from you first of all”, wrote Milachic.


“All honest polls indicate that the majority of citizens of Montenegro are for the neutrality and detachment from the global debates. Montenegro does not want to join military blocs… Terrorist acts are usually not committed against such small countries”, said the journalist.


“Are we asking for much? Not to be cannon fodder of geopolitics? Not to get involved in the dangerous big game? Do you need a partner who is against your politics? Do you need people who will never forgive you for killing civilians and kids? Consider whether you need to involve NATO a country against her will, for the sake of the criminal regime? Do you need a country whose military budget is around € 30 million?


As an American citizen, I would saw such partnership as betrayal of national interests. As a citizen of Montenegro, I also see it as betraying of national interests “, writes Marco Milacic.


On the eve, the US Senate for the fourth time delayed a vote on the Protocol on the accession of Montenegro to NATO.