In France, more and more people begin to support the right-wing policy. According to the recent poll, Front National head had between 25 and 26 per cent support compared with presidential favourite François Fillion, who received between 23 and 25 per cent. People hope that in case of Le Pen’s victory the migration crisis would be resolved and the French people would be protected from the terrorists.


French presidential candidate and leader of the right-wing National Front party Marine Le Pen is gaining more support, leading with 25 to 26 percent of the vote, according to the latest Ipsos Sopra Steria survey, carried out for Cevipof and Le Monde. Francois Fillion comes in second, with 23 to 25 percent of the vote, and Emmanuel Macron – also gaining support – is third with 19 to 21 percent.


In the absence of a single candidate from the Socialists, BVA-Salesforce experts examined eight scenarios. Analysts predict that during the second round of voting, Le Pen will get 25-26% of the votes, and François Fillon, who will give way to the leader with 1-2%. Then Fillon would win the elections gaining approximately 63% of the votes.


Participants of the surveys say that Marine Le Pen is a politician whom more and more citizens of France start to listen to. They told about resolution of the migration crisis in France and in the EU as a whole. Note that since 1983, the National Front asserts the right of indigenous French to preserve their culture and history. 


“Marine Le Pen is well aware that if the endless stream of refugees won’t be curbed, then sooner or later it will overflow “European pool”and it will be impossible to control it, – said a resident of Roiffieux Jean-Michel Tisserand. – I’m not a nationalist by itself, but I hate to live in constant stress and fear that tomorrow will take place a new terrorist attack”.


Tisserand added that Le Pen will be able to improve the economic situation of France. In addition, he hopes that the leader of the National Front will take care of the environment.


“I think she will be able to lead France to the EU leadership. I personally would like to see my country’s GDP increased, at least up to the level that was before the 2007 crisis, – said Jean-Michel. There is another problem that seriously worries me – the environment. More than 7 billion people live on Earth, we are already close to the beginning of fighting for the existence. It seems to me that such caring people like Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and Marine Le Pen, will be able to find a solution to this problem”.


Student Jan Machias said Marine Le Pen is a friendly politician who knows exactly what France needs, and is able to offer alternative ways for resolving certain issues, such as the migration crisis in the European Union.


“Marine Le Pen is the exact opposite of the another woman-politician, Angela Merkel. German Chancellor does not care about the security of her people, and opened the doors to millions of refugees from the Middle East to Europe, without checking for a possible links with terrorist groups. As a result, we have terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015, in Nice – in the summer of 2016 and at Christmas – in Germany. How many people died because of these open doors! It is no wonder that more and more people support Marine Le Pen. No one wants new victims”, said Machias.


Sincerity and openness of the National Front leader expressed the French citizen with Turkish roots Gayen Celsen. She believes that Le Pen is the only candidate who will be able to resist the Islamic State (banned in Russia).


“I’m watching the actions of radical Islamists and the reaction from the European Union. It seems to me that if Marine Le Pen becomes president, then with the declaration of war on “Islamic State” together with Russia and the US she will be able to defeat the terrorists. Recently, the world suffered so many bloody events, that we have to decide on a woman leader. Women have compassion and love in the blood, because each of us is a mother or a would be mother. These feelings unite the world”, suggested Gayen.