“The conference in Kazakhstan, which is organized by Russia, Iran and Turkey is the possibility for forming a new platform for a political solution of the Syrian war”, said Monday the head of the Center for geostrategic surveys Dragana Trifkovic. 




According to the Serbian political scientist, the event is held not only against the backdrop of the military action but the new geopolitical situation as well. 


“With the help of Russian military, Syrian army managed to change the course of the war. Apart from the fact that in recent months the situation in the fields has changed, changes in terms of the foreign policy should also be taken into account. The Obama administration has been a strongly supporting for the al-Nusra front and other terrorist groups in Syria. When Donald J. Trump during the presidential race said on the joint fight against Islamic terrorism in Syria. There are many signs that the administration of Donald Trump will take a different stance on Islamists in Syria. Or, at least, the United States will be more involved in the solution of internal problems, which opens up opportunities for those who have not been “treated kindly” with the American foreign policy”.


On the issue of the US participation in the talks in Astana, Washington responded without much interest, said Trifkovic. The reason for that, in her view, could be the setting up of priorities, as well as the transfer of initiatives to address the crisis in Russia and other countries of the Middle East.