The United Nations is asking Russia, Turkey and Iran to devise a mechanism to implement and oversee the latest ceasefire agreement in war-torn Syria, UN Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura said Monday.


De Mistura


“All stakeholders should support the commitment of the sides that are party to the ceasefire that entered into force in December 2016… We are encouraging the guarantors of the ceasefire to create a mechanism to implement the consolidation and de-confliction ceasefire measures, and to see what else can be done to build confidence,” Mistura said at the opening of the Syrian peace talks in Astana, as quoted in the UN press statement.


“The chances of success will be greater if the parties here are able to agree on a mechanism to oversee and implement nationwide ceasefire… A mechanism to oversee and implement a nationwide ceasefire — we didn’t have it in the past, that’s the reason why often we failed,” he added.