In Kherson, activists began to mark houses where live participants of the punitive «ATO», with Ukrainian flags and a swastika. This was written on his page on the social network by the former MP of the Verkhovnaya Rada, Alexey Zhuravko. 


‘In the city, people began to mark houses and apartments where live the «ATO» participants, the Nazis who killed, shot at civilians of Donbass, and performed criminal orders of the bloody authorities of Ukraine,’ wrote Alexey Zhuravko.


As an example, he posted a photo at a house, on whose wall a mentioned sign is painted. According to Zhuravko, similar marks were already seen in the streets of Schmidt, 200 years of Kherson, Karl Marx, the Decembrists. 


‘Activists of the «Free Kherson» decided to mark with such marks those who directly participated in the «anti-terrorist operations». Now, Kherson citizens will know the real criminals,’ sums up the ex-MP.