The Polish edition Obserwator Polityczny («Political observer») reacted very sharply to the SBU’s recent ban on visiting Ukraine to the head of the Przemysl local council, who tried to come to Lvov. 


Ukraine, Poland


In late December, in this Polish city took place a procession of Polish nationalists, during which the camera recorded chants of ‘Death to the Ukrainians!’. The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine then requested clarification from the Przemysl authorities.


‘This is a real slap in the face, a hard one. And it is most likely to remain unpunished ,’ says the publication. 


‘Robert Homa, hthe ead of Przemysl, went to the Lvov to celebrate the New Year in the consulate of the Republic of Poland. Unfortunately, it seemed dangerous to the SBU. Robert Homa’s delegation returned with a big scandal,’ notes the publication.


‘After the coup, the power in Ukraine was seized by the nationalists who are interested in the deterioration of the Polish-Ukrainian relations. They seem to deliberately tease the Polish with the memory of the terrible Volyn tragedy. In fact, we are dealing with a contempt that has arisen on the basis of nationalist hatred,’ says the author of the material.


‘The Polish policy towards Ukraine should be revised and redirected in the opposite direction. At least until violations of the law stop in Ukraine,’ suggests the publication. 


‘The former policy of the Polish government can be a major problem for the Poles. If there is no response to the incident, it will undoubtedly lose its credibility. Another consequence will be the deterioration of the Polish border guards’ attitude to the Ukrainians on the border,’ predicts the article.