A picket condemning outgoing US President Barack Obama’s foreign policy was carried out in downtown Berlin on Thursday.




The participants included around 30 activists, namely Russian and Ukrainian expats, as well as Germans, particularly members of the Mothers Against War, Berlin-Brandenburg movement led by author Brigitte Queck. The activity dubbed “Farewell, Obama” took place in front of the US embassy near the Brandenburg Gate, a famous Berlin landmark.


“It was an information picket dedicated to the end of Obama administration’s term and the coming of the Trump administration,” said Oleg Muzyka, member of the Kulikovo Pole movement uniting people opposing the course of the current Ukrainian authorities.


“We have been handing out leaflets trying to make people realize the crimes committed by the outgoing US administration. We have pointed to the military conflicts involving the US including those in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and emphasized the fact that they had claimed numerous human lives,” the activist added.


“I, personally, tried to make people remember how much Ukraine has suffered from the US policies as it actually lost its national identity. We can see that people like (outgoing US Vice President Joseph) Biden and (Senator John) McCain have been trying hard to make everybody believe what they say,” he noted.


Activists delivering speeches during the picket expressed hope that after Donald Trump took office, the US policies would change while Russia and the US would build close relations in order to solve global conflicts. “This will save the world from war,” one of the participants said. The picket lasted for about an hour and a half. “We have been able to reach out to nearly 300 people, people have been coming up to us expressing a keen interest,” Muzyka said.


“Tomorrow there will be a new president in the United States, we hope that he will adopt a policy completely different from Obama’s course and there will be more peace in the world,” Brigitte Queck said in turn.