Nothing is accidental is politics. Especially if such experts of the backstage mayhem, as the current US government are involved, I mean the Obama Administration of course.



Washington is very sensitive to any changes in the situation in the Middle East and, in particular, in Syria if it is not in their favor. Since this situation in recent years looks less rosy for the US ruling circles, it is not surprising that their response is becoming more aggressive and, at the same time, quite nervous. 


Clearly not a coincidence was the recent reacquisition of Palmyra by ISIS militants (structure banned in Russia), which followed immediately after the historic victory of Russia and Syria in Aleppo. Obviously, it wasn’t done without the participation of Washington. Even some western military experts acknowledged that the capture of Palmyra would be impossible without immediate and mass transfer of terrorists from Iraq, or rather out of Mosul, wherethe   so-called US-led coalition “led an offensive”. It is just unrealistic to aviation of the coalition, which controls every centimeter of the Iraqi-Syrian border, just miss the bus and not to stop the transfer of such massed troops and military equipment. Hence they received an order to turn a blind eye. 


Exactly the same situation repeats today. Onslaught of terrorist groups in the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor was made at a time when Syria made an important step towards a peaceful settlement in a fundamentally new, much more conducive to that situation, due to the complete liberation of Aleppo.


“Nothing is more important and revealing than the fact that the Russians, Iranians and Turks invited the United States to come to a meeting for a peaceful settlement. The United States are not a leader. US are not even the participants but they were invited. How low we have fallen…”, said John McCain.


I am inclined to believe that the threat of such a fundamental revelations is the most important incentive for the continuation of resistance, until the organization in Washington, something like Maidan. Indeed, if the functional connection between the outgoing American administration and the hornet’s nest of world terrorism ISIS would be revealed, it will be the biggest reputational mega-scandal throughout the American history, in comparison with which the once sensational “Watergate” and then “Iran-Contra” would seem childish.


Being no longer able to disrupt the emerging Syrian peace process, these dark forces will be trying to weaken its value, using both frontal attacks of the militants, and diplomatic maneuvers behind the scenes. In particular – through the United Nations, whose officials have already stated that the planned talks in the Kazakh capital Astana will not play a decisive role in determining the fate of Syria.


Nevertheless, the upcoming event on January 23 in Astana, has a very high chance to become a turning point for the fate of Syria and the entire Middle East. First of all, because its foundation are not backroom deals and undercover intrigue, but impressive and undeniable victory of the Syrian armed forces and its allies on the battlefield, the results of which no one in the world, including the West, can oppose equivalent. In addition to the current hysterical and convulsive attacks at Deir ez-Zor.


In addition, to ensure the effective implementation of the peace agreements requires the participation of powerful external forces, ready to act as guarantors of the cease-fire. This involvement provides only Astana format, which is based on a joint peace initiative of Russia, Turkey and Iran, backed by Syrian authorities. There is no doubt that the US role in the upcoming talks on Syria will be the tenth.


Not least because the new US president is unlikely to be ready to take anything substantial on January 23. However, Trump as claimed will not have too great desire to start his presidency with the clearing of the Augean stables, which were extremely dirtied by his predecessor. And to expose himself to ridicule before the world, trying to galvanize the corpse of a dud, in which turned the US Middle East policy under Barack Obama, he is unlikely want to.


Yuri Selivanov