In one of its recent articles the Times would try to produce the impression on its readers that it has some kind of a special treat for its readers. The article would state that a mysterious freelancer had promised the “biggest US story since Watergate”; a tale of sordid sexual escapades, Russian espionage and multimillion-dollar cash payments from the Kremlin to the Trump campaign, funnelled through Azerbaijan.



It’s reported that a wealthy unnamed that opposes Trump hired a private firm Fusion GPS to collect potentially compromising data about the next US president as early as September 2015, shortly after the announcement about Donald Trump entering the US presidential race, The New York Times notes. Fusion GPS was tasked with compiling a dossier about the real estate magnate’s past scandals and weaknesses, according to a person familiar with the effort. Once Doland Trump emerged as the presumptive nominee in the spring, the Republican interest in financing the effort ended. But Democratic supporters of Hillary Clinton were very interested, and Fusion GPS kept doing the same deep dives, but on behalf of new clients. The identity of the main donor has been described as unclear.


In a bid to tease the imagination of their readers, Western media sources have published a list of people that could allegedly play the role of the so-called mysterious donor. Among them one may find a former Wall Street Journal journalist Glenn Simpson, who led Fusion GPS back when it received the contract, a 52-year-old British Intelligence Officer, Christopher Steele that has allegedly been heading the Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd. They have even gone as far as to name the former UK ambassador to Moscow, Andrew Wood, who has allegedly “played a critical role” in providing American secret services about the alleged contacts between the future American president Donald Trump and Moscow.


It goes without saying that these wild allegations have once again confirmed the dubious nature of British intelligence services, and even though it’s old news for geopolitical analysts, it is nevertheless regrettable. After losing its leading positions on the international stage, the UK has been engaged in all kinds of illegal activities to please Washington, while taking the responsibility for civilian deaths in Iraq, Yemen and other countries, where the so-called US-led coalition is bombing people. So, involved to please Obama, in a campaign to “dirt on Trump.”


The only problem is that Western media sources, while making these wild allegations, have unwillingly compromised the identity of the “mysterious” donor – George Soros.


As it has been recently noted by the Italian journal Gli Occhi Della Guerra, once Donald Trump won the recent presidential election, one could start tracing strange patterns in the behavior of the 86-year-old President of the Open Society Foundation, George Soros, who controls a variety of non-governmental organizations around the world. The media source notes that Soros has been paying paying for anti-Trump protests, while claiming that American people have elected a novice dictator who is supported by incompetent managers that often express radical views and positions.


As it’s been reported by various media sources, crowded demonstrations are planned to be held by a protest group DisruptJ20 in Washington next Friday. The group claims that it wants to prevent Donald Trump from getting inaugurated by closing down 12 security checkpoints at the US Capitol, which may result in massive riots and numerous cases of civil disobedience. It’s been announced that protesters will be coordinated by volunteers. According to the National Park Service, protest permits have already been handed over to a total of 27 groups, which is four time higher than one can expect on average during a US president inauguration.


As it’s been noted by Reuters, a representative of the Trump transition team could not be immediately reached for comment, nor could a spokesman for the District of Columbia police, even though it has been previously been stated that Columbian authorities are prepared for any attempt to disrupt the festivities.


The scheme of transforming such “protests” in coups d’etat have been tried and tested by George Soros in Belgrade (2000), Tbilisi (2003), Kiev (2004) and other countries, where Soros-funded NGOs triggered all sorts of “color revolutions”.


The Fox News would announce that the farleft ANSWER Coalition and SocialistAlternative rushed to organize protest marches in major US cities within hours of Mr. Trumps presidential victory, as did, which has reportedly received fundingfrom George Soros. It’s curious that after five days of anti-Trump protests and mayhem led by left-wing groups, including one linked to top Clinton donor George Soros, Republicans said that it was time for Democrats to call off the dogs. Kellyanne Conway, Republican president-elect Donald Trump’s campaign manager, urged President Obama, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders to use their influence to talk down those she described as “professional” agitators “masquerading as protesters.” It seems that these professionals are coming back to Washington next Friday.


Against the background of the role that George Soros played in sponsoring unrest both abroad at the home front, it’s curious what positions will the Trump administration take on allowing him to “sharpen his color revolution tools” even further.