The Ukrainian authorities headed by the President Poroshenko await with horror the inauguration of the US President-elect Donald Trump, fearing to finally lose the support of Washington, writes Frankfurter Rundschau.


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Ukraine fears that the new US administration will refuse to protect its interests for the sake of an agreement between Trump and Russia. The outgoing US administration is trying to soften the blow, with the Vice-President Joe Biden sent to negotiate with Poroshenko in order to «calm down the Ukrainians», writes the newspaper.


However, it is the Kiev authorities that deprived themselves of the prospects for an effective cooperation with the US president-elect, when they expressed a very active support of his opponent, Hillary Clinton. Kiev hoped that the Democratic candidate would ensure a hard line against Russia and arrange the delivery of more powerful weapons for the Ukrainian army. But in the end, the victory was on the side of the Republicans, and Trump’s rise to power took Poroshenko and his administration by surprise, the author writes.


According to the publication, in August, the head of Trump’s election headquarters, Paul Manafort, had to resign because of allegations of the anti-corruption committee in Kiev. In addition, the staff of the Ukrainian embassy in Washington played up the Democrats during the campaign and supplied them with information on possible links of the Republican leader with Russia.


The statements of some Ukrainian politicians about Trump were not too far-sighted either. In particular, after his promise to recognize the Crimea as a part of Russia, given in 2014, the Interior Minister of Ukraine, Arsen Avakov called him ‘a dangerous loser’, while the former Prime Minister, Arseny Yatsenyuk called him ‘a problem for the free world’. After such statements, Kiev can no longer rely on the American help, the author concludes the article.