Zidan arrived in Moscow on Monday for a two-day visit, heading an economic delegation and accompanied by representatives of scientific institutions. The purpose of the trip is a further acceleration and expansion of economic and other types of cooperation with Russia in the field of agriculture, forestry and nutrition. The visit is also meant to make final preparation for the visit of Slovenian President Borut Pahor to Russia in February.




“I really hope that actually everything that divides us, all those sanctions introduced on both sides, that all this in some reasonable way will come to naught and we will begin again to live in those uniting us, common for us topics like it was before,” Zidan said.


According to the deputy prime minister, the European Union and Russia are “natural partners.”


“For natural allies is characteristically that their work should benefit their countries. And when it comes to state of “war”, it is natural that both sides suffer from that. And so I think that it is necessary as soon as possible to get rid of what divides us and begin to work in a usual rhythm,” Zidan added.