Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Front (FN) and presidential candidate from France’s national-conservative political party has every chance to become the new head of the Fifth Republic. This worries many member states of the European Union, as Le Pen promises to hold a referendum on France leaving the EU, which could have an unprecedented impact on the political and economic future of the EU and the world at large. In an interview with Izvestia, Le Pen talked about her political future, lifting anti-Russian sanctions, and establishing a constructive dialogue with Russia.



Le Pen promised to officially recognize Crimea as part of Russia if she wins the presidential election. “Yes, after the referendum that showed the people’s consent to join Russia, I also recognize Crimea as part of the Russian Federation,” said told the newspaper. According to her, the time when Crimea belonged to Ukraine was only “a matter of the Soviet administrative period, the peninsula was never Ukrainian.” The politician also regretted the fact that the referendum, which was organized to demonstrate the will of the people of the peninsula, was not accepted by the international community and the United Nations.


The French presidential candidate announced plans to better ties between Paris and Moscow. “I’m going to make France independent from the United States and NATO and I will establish normal relations between France and Russia, in particular by removing unfair and ineffective sanctions,” she stated.


The politician also noted that she intends to return “a place and a voice in the world” to France. According to her, over the decades, the French authorities have pursued the idea of ··Europeanism over their own interests. “Unlike other presidential candidates, I refuse to swear allegiance to any other country, and I will not seek the approval of my plan in Berlin, unlike Fran·ois Fillon, Manuel Valls and Emmanuel Macron,” she told Izvestia.


According to the latest opinion polls, Le Pen is one of the frontrunners in the presidential race and will reach the second round at the very least. France’s presidential elections will be held in two rounds on April 23 and May 7.