Clinton’s condition along with her team and controlled journalists can be compared with obsessive-compulsive disorder indeed – a mental illness characterized by the development of intrusive thoughts and actions, as well as pathological fears. Like a cornered wounded animals they continue to monotonously and ineffectually attack again and again, despite the fact that their bites from time to time become weaker. We can only guess what are they relying on, or may be there’re no expectations but merely working off spent on these funds.




Anyway, the British journalists from BBC One TV channel showed a new movie-investigation “Trump: the Kremlin candidate?”. The author of the “masterpiece” is a journalist John Sweeney, whom Trump called a blunt once, declared about a sensation of the century, super-exposure that can dramatically change the world public opinion about Donald Trump. In fact, the film turned out to be yet another one unfounded empty shell of doping investigations series and search for hidden Putin’s billions. 


In all seriousness we are told that the Russian special services allegedly got hold of dirt on Trump and now blackmailing him. As an evidence, BBC “detectives” showed video footage of the bed in the Moscow hotel The Ritz, where a few years ago stayed a billionaire, and then reminded how they managed to make photos of naked Mikhail Kasyanov. Thus the viewer has to mentally draw an analogy and to understand that if Kasyanov was caught, then the treacherous Russians exactly had something on Trump.


Also how can it be without “Russian hackers”? The image of the mysterious cyber-villains in ear-flapped hats carried through the whole movie but real evidence not only of their intervention in US elections, but simply their existence the authors were not able to prove. The only word “bears” in the name of the hacker group «Fancy Bears» (John Sweeney is sure that Chinese hackers would be pandas and bears could be found only in Russia).


In general, it’s not a breakthrough, but banal paraphrase of Internet rumors with Russophobes comments. John Sweeney, wanting to impress, intimidate and thereby convince people in Trump’s depravity, comes on the same rake like Hillary Clinton – is trying to oust facts with emotions. However, as was shown by the results of the elections in the United States, people are tired to eat shit…