On the eve of the talks in Astana, on the sixth anniversary of the so-called “Arab Spring”, terrorists in Syria have committed yet another terrible crime – murdered a man, who was sent to negotiate.



As previously reported, due to the tense situation in the area of Wadi Barada, Damascus province residents of the Syrian capital celebrated the Christmas and New Year without water. All this time, were held negotiations with the militants who seized the area and damaged the water supply systems. The main problem is the diverse structure of the “opposition” seized the valley of the river Barada. Some groups agree with the terms put forward by the government, and others are doing everything possible to disrupt the agreements.


Currently, SAR army liberated the territory in which is located the water source. However, so that water finally reached houses of civilians a lot of work has to be done to repair bombed facilities and clean water from oil. But the area of Wadi Barada wasn’t fully released, although some of the militants were taken to Idleb. 


Insidious murder of a man who negotiated on the renewal of the water supply to millions of people is a crime, which, in theory, should be condemned by all international organizations, including the UN Security Council. But, unfortunately, this conviction is difficult to expect from those who from the beginning of the proverbial “Arab Spring” hold a policy full of hypocrisy and meanness.


However, the UN is deaf and dumb. Only Russia has responded to the distress of the Syrians. Russian Ministry of Defense sent a humanitarian convoy to Damascus, bringing civilians drinking water and food. Unfortunately, no humanitarian aid is not able to ensure citizens’ needs in full. This requires a long recovery that terrorists have destroyed.


Also Russian Ministry of Defense stressed that the residents of Aleppo city are not currently receive any assistance from international humanitarian organizations or from the United Nations. “It seems that many humanitarian organizations that have previously supposedly broke with humanitarian aid to the besieged Aleppo, suddenly lost all interest after the liberation of the city, along with a desire to help”, said the spokesman of the military department Igor Konashenkov.


Syria meets the sixth anniversary of the “Arab Spring” in ruins and blood. The causes and consequences of the conflict in that country are completely distorted in the leading Western media. “Oppositionists” who have killed hundreds of thousands of people still believed to be “fighters for democracy”. Therefore, it is difficult to expect from the international organizations condemns of the terrorist attack in Jableh, and water blockade of Damascus, and the murder of a negotiator, although it was considered as a vile even in ancient wars of mankind.