Businessman, who fled from prosecution, said that during a meeting with representatives of the US Department of Justice he was asked specifically about Biden’s ties with Ukraine. In particular, US officials were interested in the relationship between the US Secretary of State and ex-Minister Mykola Zlochevsky.




According to Onishchenko, they talked about shale gas projects, which were supposed get into major US companies hands, but eventually fall into the hands of the joint Zlochevsky’s venture and associate of the President of Ukraine Igor Kononenko (Yuzgaz B.V.).


“Biden’s son has been working with Zlochevsky, their family is involved”, the businessman said.


He also suggested that the recent meeting between Zlochevsky and Kononenko was devoted to the discussion of this particular issue. According to him, soon it will be possible to see how the contracts for drilling and hydraulic fracturing will go to companies affiliated with the former minister.


In April 2014 it became known that the son of the head of the US State Department Hunter Biden works in Ukrainian oil and gas company “Burisma”, co-owned by Zlochevsky. Most recently, its press office announced that all cases against the ex-minister and related structures with him in Ukraine have been officially closed.