On the urgent need for the adoption of Montenegro into NATO insist both outgoing US administration and authorities of the Balkan republic. However, if its accession to the alliance will happen in the near future, it will be carried out with procedural violations.




In particular, Montenegro and has not held a referendum on the issue. The situation with the adoption complicates an inauguration of Donald Trump, who has repeatedly criticized the North Atlantic Alliance and, apparently, intends to review the principles of functioning of the organization.


At the beginning of December an agreement on the accession of Montenegro was ratified by the parliaments of 14 countries – members of the Alliance. On January 10, 2017 the protocol was ratified by the parliaments of Italy and Norway.


At the beginning of December 2016, NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg expressed worries about the timing of country’s joining of the military bloc, and urged the member countries to press ahead with the ratification of the Protocol on Montenegro. He is convinced that the Balkan country could benefit by giving the alliance a “military capabilities, important for NATO”.