Montenegro has accused a Russian citizen, Eduard Shirokov, of plotting the assassination of the country’s former Prime Minister, Milo Djukanovic, by provoking it, Special Prosecutor, Veljko Ratovic, told the RTCG TV and radio network on Monday.




“Only Shirokov is suspected of this. The issue at hand is activities through incitement. Besides, he is accused of forming a criminal syndicate and an attempted act of terrorism. If Russia does not extradite its citizens (Shirokov and Popov), we will try them in absentia,” the prosecutor warned.


Montenegro’s Special Public Prosecutor’s Office earlier put two Russian and three Serbian citizens on an international wanted list on suspicion of “setting up a crime syndicate and terrorism.” “The Special Public Prosecutor’s Office informed the public that arrest warrants have been issued against two Russian and three Serbian citizens over the criminal offenses of organizing a criminal syndicate and engagement in terrorism,” the report said. According to the prosecutor’s office, all information on the wanted individuals has been added to the Interpol’s database.


Montenegrin media earlier reported that two Russian citizens – Eduard Shirokov and Vladimir Popov – had been put on Interpol’s international wanted list on charges of being involved in a state coup attempt that allegedly took place in Montenegro on October 16 when the country held the parliamentary elections.


On November 6, Montenegro’s Chief Special Prosecutor, Milivoje Katnic, came up with the claim that a group of Serbs, Montenegrins and Russians tried to stage a terrorist act on October 16. Specifically, he said the organizers of the group who were nationalists from Russia believed the authorities in Montenegro led by Prime Milo Djukanovic could not be removed by way of election and could only be overthrown by force. Along with it, Katnic admitted the Montenegrin authorities did not have any evidence whatsoever that Russia as a state was involved in the alleged incident.


On October 16, when Montenegro held the parliamentary elections, twenty Serbian citizens were arrested on suspicion of organizing terrorist attacks.