The new US administration of Donald Trump will have no less interest in the Ukrainian issue than the outgoing government, told Director of the Institute of US and Canada Studies Valery Garbuzov.




“It is naive to believe that the Ukraine problem will be resolved very quickly after the new administration takes office because contradictions are so deep that they are tied in several knots,” the expert said.


“The situation is similar to the situation in Syria: agreements seem to have been reached but nothing is being fulfilled properly,” he added.


The Ukraine issue will be additionally discussed by the Trump administration as “contradictions are noticeable inside the defense and foreign policy blocs on this issue,” Garbuzov said.


However, despite the recent calls by Trump and his nominee for the post of the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to supply arms to Ukraine, “the new administration will be interested in the Ukrainian issue no less than Obama,” the expert said.


“It was obvious that the outgoing administration had lost interest in the Ukraine events because they developed differently than the Americans had expected,” Garbuzov said.