Chairman of the Left Party fraction in the parliament of the city of Kvakenbrück (Lower Saxony) Andreas Maurer is observing processes which seemed particularly unrealistic before. These are full sweep of the information space with diverting vast sums on spying on the Russian-speaking population, as well as oddities with Merkel’s rating, which exists only in the media controlled by the government. In this regard, Maurer believes Germany will face hard times.


News Front: Many of our viewers cannot understand what is going on in Germany. As far as the situation is changing and in what direction, since half of the experts agree that Angela Merkel won’t win, the other half is convinced – Merkel is able to change, people see the stability and support her.


Andreas Maurer: Yesterday I was in the House of the regional parliament, where we had the opportunity to communicate with politicians. The situation is difficult, of course. I think that still Merkel will win these elections as it couldn’t be seen the solid competition yet. Nonetheless, Merkel again will get the majority of votes, along with the CDU party. For us it is also surprising. When communicating with people,  it can be said that no one wants to see Merkel, nobody wants this government, people are tired. But the results of the polls make us surprised. According to the polls, Merkel is always ahead. This is an astonishing factor. I was taking part in many election campaigns but we didn’t have such situation until now.


NF: For me, it is strange that the “right” and “left”, being on the opposite sides of the barricades, are united against the government and timidly building policy against the invasion of refugees though. However, the authorities indiscriminately smear with brown paint all the representatives of the German political forces, who are just trying to say that there are Germans who need to be saved. How do you see the future development of this situation?


A.M.: We, the “left” party say: let’s raise an issue, why do we have such a situation? Where the refugees are coming from? Recently, I attended a demonstration in Hamburg against the transfer of NATO troops to the Russian borders. And answering the question – where they are fleeing from, I can answer. From Iraq. They are fleeing from Libya. They flee from Syria. They run from where NATO is. And  Germany is actively involved… it can be said directly – we bombed those countries. If we bombed them there, they have the prospects, then they would flee to the West, of course. That’s why I’m not surprised. Therefore, the chairman of the “Left” party faction in the Bundestag, raised this question seriously. And indeed, there was an unrest from the ruling party. Ostensibly, we became “right” and we have to unite with the “right”. Nonsense. We say, let’s see why this happens and how we will solve this problem. We are selling a lot of ammunition to those areas, we supply equipment and then we are surprised that these people are fleeing to the West when everything was bombed. Therefore, I say that this problem should be solved within the framework of the European Union. Germany won’t be able to resolve this issue itself. It is simply unreal, if someone thinks so.


NF: Another important question is German’s media space today. It was a great surprise for us when the free democratic European country began to throw sand in the wheels of the media, which lead its own information policy, independent from Washington: I’m talking about RT, Sputnik agency, our News Front outlet. Representative of the National Security Agency demands to ban the Russian news agencies in Germany. Are they afraid of truth leakage that much that they are ready to destroy any other media?


A.M.: As a politician I could never imagine this. I could never imagine that this would be a reality. Today I received a letter. This is the original letter from the CDU – Merkel’s ruling coalition, and you really are listed here. News Front is mentioned, pages will be blocked, it will be controlled. A lot of money was allocated to keep watch over you as well as us – Russian-speaking. We have always criticized and criticize China, where the Internet is being checked: some pages are cut, some blocked. And now here in Germany, the ruling coalition, which has always held the flag of freedom, now says “no, no, no, we have to stop this, we need to influence, we will block”. The government allocated more than one million euros to monitor the Russian-speaking population: how we react to the press, with whom we are talking, what we are watching. Frankly speaking, it’s just a shame, just an absurd. That’s why I think we are facing hard times if we are afraid of Sputnik and News Front or any other organization which allegedly can affect people and make them change their minds.


Yes, we have the privileges that we are watching the German press, reading the Russian press, and we are on the Internet. I think that today it is the right approach in order to gain the real information. More sources can help to achieve this. So when I’m asking to give me at least one example, where RT or News Front, or RIA-Novosti are providing fake news – no one still gave me such information. Yesterday, I was talking with representatives of the Bundestag – well, put me a paper on the table, where something is not right, and I’ll tell you where there was false information. This also applies to the German media. For example, on Aleppo in Syria. It was proved that the ZDF were broadcasting and then they admitted they were wrong, didn’t have the facts. We yet didn’t receive such facts on the Russian media.