President Sauli Niinistö announced on Saturday in a radio interview that he will be meeting with Russian Pesident Vladimir Putin twice over the course of the year.




One of the meetings is to take place in Finland, the other in Russia. Niinistö says that Putin’s visit will likely be in the summer.


On the Ykkösaamu radio programme President Niinistö described the atmosphere in Finland as somewhat comfortable. However, he soon pointed out that another, murkier reality can be witnessed on social media.


“There is a lot of ill will, and conscious efforts to offend other people,” he said. “I find it extremely unpleasant.”


The President said he felt that those people who use the worst language about others online are probably those suffering the most.


President Niinistö also said that everyone would be better off if no one was to suffer. This, he says, is reason enough to concentrate on making people in Finland feel better.


The President’s core message in Saturday’s radio interview was that people should behave better towards one another, adding that “it isn’t that hard”.