Democratic Front (the largest opposition bloc) published an appeal, which refers to the preparation of the referendum on joining NATO.




The statement was voiced by Andrija Mandic, the chairman of the New Serbian Democracy and one of the DF leaders.


The opposition is preparing to take over the organization of the plebiscite if the regime in Podgorica will try to resolve this issue only on government level without asking the citizens, the statement says.


At the same time, the DF calls on the authorities to respect the principles of democracy and give the people an opportunity to speak out on the fateful question.


According to various polls, about two-thirds of the Montenegrins are against NATO membership, and more than 75% support the idea of a referendum on the issue.


Montenegro is a candidate for membership in the alliance, in May, 2016 was signed the Protocol of Accession, which is currently undergoing ratification in the parliaments of the bloc’s member-states.