Serbian politician Nenad Popovic has published a message in which he compared the activities of ex-Prime Minister of Montenegro and leader of its ruling party Milo Djukanovic with the Croatian Nazi collaborator Ante Pavelic. According to Popovic, “the ideological legacy” of the leader of the fascist “Independent State of Croatia” is the policy of official Montenegro, over the fact of seeking to the EU and NATO and in relation to the Serbs living there.


While the regime in Podgorica boasts success in Euro-Atlantic integration, Milo Djukanovic violates basic European values in Montenegro discriminating the Serb population.


According to Serbian politician, Serbs face difficulties to get a job in government organizations, and in general, among them is the largest unemployment. Only the Serbs could not have a second citizenship (Montenegrin and Serbian), while other minorities: Albanians, Croats, Bosniaks are the citizens of Montenegro and their native country at the same time. And there are a lot of other exampes. 


Djukanovic’s open hatred for the Serbs in Montenegro destabilizes the whole region, as it sows enmity between the two nations that have always had fraternal and friendly relations. Therefore, Djukanovic is a threat to stability and security in the region.