Former fighters of Ukraine’s Tornado paramilitary battalion attacked guards of the detention center in central Kiev they are kept in late on Wednesday, the local police said.


According to chief of the Kiev police Andrei Krishchenko, the incident occurred after one of the Tornado fighters inflicted bodily harm on himself and the rest demanded medical assistance be offered to him. They plunged into a scuffle with the prison guards. “The injured man was taken to hospital. He is in satisfactory condition,” he said, adding that the incident would be thoroughly investigated.


“The situation has stabilized,” he said.


During the conflict the detention center was cordoned off by the police and National Guards. As of now, police cordons have been lifted.


Eight former Tornado fighters, including their commander Ruslan Onishchenko, were detained in June 2015 on charges of illegal deprivation of freedom and abduction of people in the zone of combat operation in the Lugansk region. Apart from that, they are accused of torture, murders and a number of other serious crimes. In March 2016, Tornado deputy commandeer Nikolai Tsukur was also detained on the same charges. Court sanctioned their arrest without possibility of release on bail.