Hard times may begin for information agencies such as Russia Today, Sputnik News and News Front. Talks on the need to ban sites spreading the “Russian propaganda” became more common.




Following the recent accusations of Russian hacker attacks, the head of the National Security Agency Patrick Sensburg (CDU) has called to ban fake Web sites.


“Sites which spread propaganda at the behest of the authorities should be punished or, in extreme cases, blocked!”, Sensburg said in an interview.


Sensburg accuses Russian media in waging an information war.


“You have to understand that those who publish the stupid news, should stand by their words. In this case we are talking about manipulation of Internet users opinions. The purpose of this information war is a division of the German society”, he said. 


Thus, it is possible that in the near future, Russia Today, Sputnik and the private news agency News Front can be blocked because of the allegations of “propaganda”.