The Kremlin is certain that the Russian energy sector will be able to take compensatory measures if the United States introduces new sanctions against Russia.




“The system itself, the energy sector of the Russian economy will find appropriate compensatory measures to minimize any possible damage caused by such actions,” Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.


He recalled that the US initiative so far exists only as a bill. Peskov said he hoped that common sense would prevail in Washington and it would be possible “to stop the downward spiraling sanctions narrative.”


“Of course, this kind of restrictions will cause additional damage – not only to bilateral relations, but I also think in terms of the global economy and the global energy market. Of course, there might be some negative consequences for our country,” Peskov said. “The Russian economy and the Russian energy sector have proved over the last two years that they stand firmly on their feet, that this is a very flexible and strong system with a fair margin of safety,” he said.


“After all, I would like to hope that our colleagues in Washington would be able to take an unbiased look at the situation,” Peskov concluded.


Earlier, a group of US senators from both parties, including John McCain, introduced a bill on sanctions against Russia for unproven attempts to influence the recent US presidential elections through cyber attacks. The sanctions, in particular, might affect the Russian fuel and energy sector.