According to WFP, the ESSN has already provided thousands of refugees with cash cards to help cover necessities such as food, rent, medicine, and warm clothing. The first group of refugees received their cards in December, and each card will be loaded with 100 Turkish Lira ($29.24) each month.




The ESSN will be partnered with the European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO), Turkish Red Crescent, Turkish government, and the WFP in an effort to reach their goal, the WFP added.


“With the EU’s generous support, we all came together to reaffirm our commitment to the families, children and individuals struggling to get by and to the Turkish Government, whose hospitality continues to stand as an example to the whole world,” WFP representative in Turkey Jean-Yves Lequime said in a statement.


With an estimated three million refugees, Turkey has the highest refugee population in the world, according to the WFP. The majority of refugees hails from Syria, and lives in refugee camps, cities, and villages across Turkey.