Russia’s government considers it reasonable to restore the economic relations with the United States, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev’s spokeswoman Natalya Timakova told TASS. When asked to comment on the bill on new anti-Russia sanctions proposed by certain US senators, including Republican Senator John McCain, she said that she deplores the attempts of those persons to affect not only the will of the nation, but the vector of relations between Russia and the US.




“It is difficult to give comments regarding bills approved in another country,” Timakova said, adding though that “it is sad that such people as McCain initiate those decisions in America.”


Medvedev’s spokeswoman noted that Prime Minister visited the United States back in 2010 when he was President of the Russian Federation. “President Medvedev had a meeting with representatives of the US Senate, which was also attended by McCain. Even then it was clear that he was absolutely broken by his personal tragedy related to Vietnam,” Timakova said. “McCain is not the person who determines the vector of the Russia-US relations,” she said. “It’s a pity it is such inept political old-timers that are trying to enforce their views on the American people,” Timakova said, adding that “it is sometimes necessary to be wise enough to quit in proper time.”


According to Timakova, it is more important to restore the ties between the two countries. “The economic relations between Russia and the US have seriously deteriorated, though they had never been very high before,” she said, adding that “the Russian government would consider it reasonable to restore the economic relations with the United States.”


On Tuesday, a group of senators from both parties, including John McCain, introduced a bill on imposing a wide range of anti-Russia sanctions over its alleged cyberattacks against the US election system.