On January 9, in Ukraine unidentified individuals blew up and desecrated the monument to Poles who died during the Second World War in the village of Guta Penyatskaya.


Monument before the destruction


“I suppose many will take up the position that the Russian provocateurs did it. Bullsh*t!”, writes Polish blogger Romuald Kałwa. “The destruction of the monument to the dead residents of Guta Penyatskaya is a primitive act, fitting to the UPA killers (banned in Russia)… murderers, maniacs, wet rags…”, he added.


He said that the UPA Nazis killed at least 10 members of his family back in distant ages.


“Grandparents miraculously escaped the death. Jews and Ukrainians who were carrying aid to the Poles were also murdered”, writes the blogger.


He accused the Polish officials who treat Ukrainian antics with indulgence. 


In 1944, local residents from the village of Guta Penyatskaya were destroyed by the Ukrainian hit squads from the UPA and SS “Galicia” divisions. At that time these lands belonged to Poland, today they are a part of Lviv region of Ukraine. During the punitive operation about a thousand people were killed, most of them were burned alive in the church.