Destruction of the memorial to the Poles murdered by the Nazis from the SS division “Galicia” in Lviv region of Ukraine, is the result of too soft policy towards the Ukrainian radicals, stated Polish historian, prof Dariusz Kucharski.




“The situation with the monument is sequence to the soft position of the Polish officials regarding past and current crimes of the Ukrainian nationalists. We need strong and principled politicians who will protect the historical memory of Poland, and condemn all the crimes committed by the Ukrainian nationalists”, he said.


“Unfortunately the issue of genocide of the Polish population especially under the UPA flag (banned in Russia), wasn’t hidden but, on the contrary, obtained its movement. These are some of the consequences of omissions in the historic policy of the Polish side. As a result, the Polish side is trying to raise these issues but faces resistance”, he added.


In 1944, local residents from the village of Guta Penyatskaya were destroyed by the Ukrainian hit squads from the UPA and SS “Galicia” divisions. At that time these lands belonged to Poland, today they are a part of Lviv region of Ukraine. During the punitive operation about a thousand people were killed, most of them were burned alive in the church.


On the 9th January, the monument to the dead Poles was blown up, and on its elements appeared inscriptions – slogans characteristic to the modern Ukrainian nationalist formations. Now an investigative team works at the site, investigators are trying to determine the type of explosive device and set other details of the crime.


Relations between Ukraine and Poland are worsen from day to day. One of the reasons – incorrect statements of the Ukrainian authorities towards the Poles. Moreover, Polish citizens don’t like Ukrainian “guest workers”, which massively flow to the neighboring countries.