The US policy of imposing Western-style democracy in the Middle East has led to the emergence of terrorists in the region, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s commissioner for human rights, Konstantin Dolgov, said on Tuesday.


“CIA Director (John Brennan) admitted in his revelations a “mistake” of the Barack Obama administration in imposing Western-style democracy in the Middle East and North Africa in the context of the Arab Spring,” Dolgov wrote on his Facebook page. “I want to say: it’s better than never.”


The diplomat stressed that the consequences of this policy, namely the emergence of the Islamic State terrorist group and other terrorist and extremist groups, are too “destructive.”


“Although even such a delayed and shy repentance of one of the key persons in the outgoing administration is indicative. Maybe he is afraid of becoming history with such a “luggage,” Dolgov wrote.


Brennan said on CNN’s Axe Files podcast on Monday he thinks that “there were very, very unrealistic expectations in Washington, including in some parts of the administration, that the Arab Spring was going to push out these authoritarian regimes and democracy is going to flourish because that’s what people want.”