US Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s allegation that Russia rendered “virtually zero” support to the anti-terrorism campaign in Syria is a “lie” that puts the US in a “foolish” and “worrying” position, says a member of the State Duma’s Committee for International Affairs.




“I think it makes no sense now if we pay any attention to statements made by resigning US politicians. However, through his lies, Mr. Carter not only disgraced himself but the agency he is heading, an agency that must possess authentic information about who achieved what in Syria,” Sergey Zheleznyak MP was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti.


The comment came soon after the US defense secretary said in an interview with NBC that Russia had given “virtually zero” support to the United States in fighting terrorist group Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Syria and Iraq, and instead only helped to stir up the Syrian civil war.


Zheleznyak told reporters that Carter’s words were proof that the Pentagon chief considers the destruction of several thousand terrorists in Syria as something unimportant.


“Their [the killed terrorists’] associates who are being cared for by the United States will hardly like this. The situation in which Mr. Carter just put himself is not only foolish, it is very worrying,” he said.


“I hope that the new leaders of the United States will show a more professional attitude to their work and we will not have to waste our time explaining basic facts. The leading players on the international arena, such as Russia and the United States, must together search for and find solutions of global problems, together oppose modern challenges and strengthen global stability,” Zheleznyak told reporters.