This morning in Ukraine unidentified individuals blew up and desecrated the monument to Poles who died during the Second World War.





In 1944, local residents from the village of Guta Penyatskaya were destroyed by the Ukrainian hit squads from the UPA and SS “Galicia” divisions. At that time these lands belonged to Poland, today they are a part of Lviv region of Ukraine. During the punitive operation about a thousand people were killed, most of them were burned alive in the church.


On the 9th January, the monument to the dead Poles was blown up, and on its elements appeared inscriptions – slogans characteristic to the modern Ukrainian nationalist formations. Now an investigative team works at the site, investigators are trying to determine the type of explosive device and set other details of the crime.


It is worth noting that in October, one of the leaders of Ukrainian nationalists Dmitry Korchinskiy announced a similar attitude to the Polish monuments on the territories which previously been Polish. The leader of the nationalist association “Brotherhood” has announced that Polish monuments in Ukraine are needed to be toppled, ranking them together with those symbolizing the Soviet regime.



In general, such biased attitude to everything that reminds of the Polish period in the history of western Ukraine, is customary for the Ukrainian nationalists. Korchinskiy is simply the most outspoken. Thus, even during the presidency of Viktor Yushchenko, Lviv’s regional council instructed the regional administration to conduct an inventory of memorials, which, according to deputies, had “military or anti-Ukrainian military content”. Monument in Guta Penyatskaya and the cemetery of Lwów Eaglets were among them. It was supposed to topple them if the Polish authorities wouldn’t agree to restore the memorial sign to UPA on the mountain Chryszczata.


Today everything that reminds of Poland is under the threat of attacks by modern Ukrainian Nazis. For the current generation of Hitler’s henchmen heirs Polish memorials are an irritative agent.